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Self proclaimed “#1 site for Grass-fed food  & facts”.  We do not advertise here yet but likely will in the future.

Related Links

Deciding to pursue a more natural food diet is a big step.  To help you find information we have included links to useful natural food sites as well as related news stories.  .


Links to locally grown foods throughout the US.  We do have a listing with some information here.  Many local producers of fruits, vegetables, meats and other products are listed as well.


Grass-fed beef standards organization (we are researching this).  This link is to several recopies related to grass-fed meats.

“The Grass-Fed Revolution”

A Time CNN article comparing grain-fed to grass-fed beef and reasons why the industry is growing 20% per year.

“Animal Antibiotics a Threat?”

A CBS news story by Katie Couric exploring the potential issues around feeding antibiotics to animals.

Search for “Animal Antibiotic”

“Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food”

A Time CNN article about industrial agriculture and the need for a new look at some of the potential effects of industrial Agriculture practices.

Excellent related Urban Ag photo gallery and World meals photo gallery.

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A site dedicated to sustainable agriculture in relation to the food we eat.  The concept is simple.  Economically viable, locally grown, humanely treated, healthy products that build the soil and the community while improving your health.

Northern Star Council, BSA

Boy Scouts of America

Charities and Organizations we support—Thank you for considering them as well.

Valley Outreach

Everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile.

Animal Humane Society

They look to us for care and love and they deserve nothing less.

Como Zoo and Conservatory

St. Paul, MN’s city zoo.  Free to the public but accepting at will donations.

Operation Uplink

VFW—prepaid calling cards for US troops to call home.

Feed My Starving Children

Food for the worlds children

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Caring for kids with cancer, and winning!

Trinity Lutheran Church

Our home Church in Stillwater, MN