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KDE Farms is family owned and operated.  All of our products and services are based around three main principles.

Sustainability: Our family farm is focused on creating an environment where family, crops and community may grow in harmony with each other.  We use agricultural practices that build the soil and the life it contains.  The grasses and legumes that grow there are healthy and natural.  Our cattle are natural grazers (grass) and browsers (everything else edible) and are fed only grass and hay.  The animals grow at their own pace and we adjust our schedules around them.  The manure from the animals is put back into the fields to start the cycle over.  We provide our customers wholesome products produced in the most natural means possible.

Innovation:  KDE Farms creates and incorporates innovative ideas based on experience and research in our own operation as well as in our products.  A mixture of traditional practices and modern understanding help us focus our efforts on creating a sustainable future.

Stewardship:  To serve and care for all that is entrusted to us.  From caring for the land to maintaining our principles and faith, we seek to be good stewards.  Our farm grows because of thoughtful and careful nurturing of our land, animals and each other.

KDE Farms seeks to become a trusted provider of top quality  products for healthy lives.

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Mom and her yearling son.  Highland cattle are excellent mothers and retain the familiarity with their offspring even after weaning.