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Text Box: Horns

Horns, Horn sheaths and skulls available upon request. We do not keep an inventory so please contact us in the Spring or early Fall if interested.

Product Summary

 Scottish Highland cattle all have horns. Male and female alike. The general rule of thumb is that female horns curve up and male curve forward but this is certainly not always true.

 Horns range in size based on the age of the animal. The attached picture is one of our breeding stock at 4 years old.

 The outer horn, or sheath, can be removed and can be made into a very nice powder horn for black powder muskets.

Price: Call for pricing and availability

Because of the cost in processing, these items must be requested prior to slaughter and will be shipped as finished products only. If you wish to process yourself, arrangements can be made for you to pick up the products on the day they are available.

Product ID: 101201 Cleaned skull w/o

Horn sheaths.

Product ID: 101202 Horn sheaths.

Product ID: 101203 Unprocessed skull

W/ Horn sheaths.

Our Dun cow at 4 years old

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