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Alfalfa / Grass Hay available seasonally

Sorry, we are out of hay for the 2009/2010 winter season.  Please check back during the fall of 2010.

Product Summary

· Vernal Alfalfa from 15% to 50% mixture

· No chemicals used

· Mixes may include grasses such as Timothy, Brome, Perennial Ryegrass, Orchard grass, Blue grass. (Ryegrass and Timothy in all mixes)

· Hay is stored inside.  No preservatives used

· Square bales weigh 45 to 50lbs each.

Price: None available at this time

Our primary operation is a beef farm but we frequently have extra hay for sale as we add fields to our production.  We square bale for local sales and round bale for our own use.


We experiment with different mixes each year to find hay that works well for horses as well as our cattle.  Scottish Highland cattle do not require heavy alfalfa hay since they grow has as fast and are accustomed to less than ideal feed in their native land.  This allows us to address the needs of  our neighbors as well as our own.

Product ID:             102101— Small square bales

Product ID:             102102— Large round bales

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Phone: 651-430-9605

Fax: 651-430-9605 (call first)

E-mail: behret@kdfarms.net

50lbs square bales

1000lbs round bales