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Text Box: Hides

Hides available upon request.  We do not keep an inventory so please contact us in the Spring or early Fall if interested.

Product Summary

· When processed, Scottish Highland hides are soft and warm.  So warm in fact, Highland cattle have very little back fat but can handle the coldest Minnesota weather with ease.

· Highland cattle come in a variety of colors.  Red, Dun (Grayish), Brindle (mixed Red and Black), Silver, White, Black and Yellow.

· Hides are used for everything from throw rugs to bedspreads or even pillows.

· Our herd is now using a White bull with Yellow, Red, Black and Brindle cows.  There is no guarantee of colors as all are possible from a White bull.

· Like horns or mounts, processing is very expensive and we therefore do not maintain an inventory.

Price: Call for pricing and availability

SKU/Item Number: 101301—Tanned hide

Close up view of the hair on our Brindle cow.

To contact us:

Phone: 651-430-9605

Fax: 651-430-9605 (call first)

E-mail: behret@kdfarms.net

Close up view of the hair on one of our Yellow cows.